About Us

Sunny Day Concept is a unique and innovative entertainment services provider.

It is the first and only entertainment service  provider in Singapore to provide the rental of  cutesy, colourful and cartoony Capsule Toy Machines since 2010. It also provides magicians, mascot artistes and balloon artists to spice up your party and event!

At Sunny Day Concept, bringing loads of fun to you is our corporate culture!

We say that life is like a gashapon (gashapon = capsule toy) machine! You never know what you are going to get, but everything is incredibly exciting, outrageously thrilling, and definitely superbly different!

There is never a dull moment. Help yourself! Enjoy! Turn the cranks of our toy machines and experience the wonder for yourself!

Experience the excitement of a close up street magician performing mystifying miracles before your very eyes! Take awesome photos with our mascots and bring home a lovely piece of balloon art handmade by our talented balloon artist!

Rental of Capsule Toy Machines
We specialise in the rental of capsule toy machines and we want to spread this excitement with our gashapon / capsule toy machines!

For individuals who want to create a memorable experience and companies who want to create excitement in their events, you can rent a capsule toy machine now at affordable rates! Find out more here.







Magic Shows & Balloon Sculpting
We also provide magic shows and balloon sculpting services at affordable rates! Our magicians specialise in both adults’ close up street magic as well as kids magic.
We have participated in numerous private events as well as RC events and charity events in Singapore. View our portfolio here.



Sunny Day – Retail Sale or Anime Merchandise, Toys & Novelties
Sunny Day Concept also has an online shopping site to cater to retail customers who are young at heart! Check out www.sunnyday.com.sg where you can find Anime merchandise, toys & novelties.