Singapore Hobbies Expo 2014

We will be at Singapore Hobbies Expo 2014 – Comic Festival this weekend (26th & 27th Apr 2014)!

Venue: Singapore Expo Hall 7 (Comic Festival)

26th Apr 2014 9am – 10pm

27th Apr 2014 9am – 8pm

Come and join us for a fun filled day!

Fluffy's Gacha capsule toy machineWe’ll be makinFluffy's Turn Wheel of Fortuneg cutesy dogs, shy poodles, fresh bright cheery flowers , huggly teddy bears, funny jester hats , cheeky baby monkeys, cool ninjas, sabers and space guns and large figurines! All made from high quality cartoony colored balloons guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and happiness into your life! Get your piece of awesomeness! Prices range from $2 to $8.

Play the sure-win Fluffy’s Gacha Machine to win beautiful balloon art! Or try your luck at the Fluffy Turn to see what balloon toy you end up with!







display paper for capsule toy machine balloon toys2

We will also be selling the Balloon Sculpting Hobby Kit at a special price of $35 (usual price $52)

The hobby kit includes a pack of  high quality 100pcs Sempertex 260 balloon , a professional Swedish made 2-way air pump, and a set of soft copy lecture notes with detailed instructions and illustrations to teach you how to sculpt 7 balloon models!

balloon kit

Hobbies Expo 2014 Website:

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